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The roots of Traditional Thai yoga massage are in Ayurvedic medicine in India.
The TTYM serves health and prevention, by activating the body’s self-healing powers.
It is ideally suited to prevent disease and keep people fit and agile.
Achieving soothing deep relaxation and stimulation to the energy flow in the body.
This allows to release blockages and tension on the physical, mental and emotional level.
TTYM is recommended for children, adults, for pregnant women and elderly people.

Even for people with restricted mobility shows this type of massage beneficial effects.

The Traditional Thai Yoga massage consists of acupressure and passive yoga.
It shows in particularly good effect with:
• Head and neck pain
• Back pain
• Orthopedic problems
• physical and intellectual overexertion
• cardiovascular and circulatory disorders
• Insomnia and restlessness
• pregnancy discomforts, such as water retention, back pain, psychological distress.

Lying fully-clothed on a mat on the floor, you will be gently brought into various yoga postures, get softly stretched. Stretches are made without any effort, simply by using my body weight to apply a little pleasant pressure.
After a pretest on the current health status and medical history, I plan the massage specifically to your immediate needs.
I look forward to your visit!
By appointment

On a trip to Thailand in 2004 Melanie came to learn Traditional Thai Yoga. In 2007 she studied at the Institute for TTYM in Cologne to become a traditional tai yoga practitioner. Since then she has practiced this gentle massage - even for pregnant women - with very positive Feedback.

Foot Massage

Duration: 60-75 minutes
Cost: 30 USD

- Lightness and well-being -
Spoil yourself, your feet will thank you.
After a foot bath with a scrub, you get a massage with gentle stroking and soft kneading. Followed by acupressure of the reflexology  zones with a wooden stick to harmonize the internal organs.

Full Body Massage

Duration: 120 min
Cost: 45 USD

- Vitality and Relaxation -
From head to toes all the joints, muscles and energy lines will be considered. After a massage you will feel refreshed or very tired, like after a strenuous sport.
Allow enough time for a rest!

Massage for Pregnant

Duration: 120 min

Cost: 45 USD

- Harmony and Recreation -
Pregnant women, starting in the third months are no longer able to lay on the belly. In the traditional tai-yoga massage there is a special technique for pregnant women in a comfortable position. Complaints fluid retention, tension, etc ... are alleviated, midwives recommend this massage.
Of course, special care is taken.
-Your baby will enjoy it as much as you!

Note: The application is used for general relaxation and health care. This means that the Thai massage therapist does not diagnose and does not provide therapeutic advice. The practice of medicine is the preserve of the physician.